Building Your Dream AR: Tips for Choosing and Assembling Complete Uppers

New shooters prefer to purchase an assembled rifle and use it for shooting. But these guns are expensive and cannot be customized per the shooter’s choice. Choosing the right parts and assembling them perfectly are complicated tasks.

Whether you are an experienced or a new shooter, you can build your AR by acquiring and

assembling different parts. The AR rifle is sectioned in upper and lower, which must be assembled separately and combined to function properly. But now, you must focus on the uppers, which is crucial for maintaining its overall performance.

You can check this link to buy different AR upper receiver parts at a reasonable price and assemble them yourself. You must understand its parts before customizing or assembling them. But this guide mentions some crucial tips that you must follow to simplify your work.

Know About the Upper Parts


You can customize your rifle upper parts by selecting them per your requirements. The following upper parts you need are:

  • Precision Receiver

You can start gathering the upper parts by acquiring an accurate receiver. It is better to consider the stripped, and it is easy to assemble. You will get many suggestions regarding the receivers, but you buy the one that works well for you.

If you want to make a classic choice, then you can consider A1 or A2, which comes with a smooth handle. You must understand the elevation and windage features during the installation.

  • Barrel


It is better to prefer the lightweight gas-chambered barrel to provide shooting accuracy. You can change the caliber as per your choice by swapping it with the old one. It should retain the lower receiver.

You need to change the weight for better bolt thrusts, which works well overall. When you change calibers, you can set the long range for your shots.

  • Handguard

You must invest in the M-Lok handguard as it is thin, lightweight, and quite simple to install. If you want to prepare your rifle for practice, you can consider other options. But the M-Lok is perfect for hunting or target shooting at a long range.

You can also attach adapters to KeyMod or M-Lok to mount flashlights or lasers to clearly view your goal.

  • Charging Handle


People who need a rifle for competitive shooting must consider the charging handle. It will help you prepare for your competition, and you can shoot without breaks. This handle allows you to retract with both hands.

  • Gas System

Different gas systems are available that you can choose as per your barrel length. In every gas system, there is a different port distance away from your receiver. It is not mandatory to consider the typical gas tube. Consider a stroke gas piston with an operating rod to strike the bolt’s solid key.

  • Bolt


You can choose between two bolts, i.e., M16 and fully automated. If you desire it for military purposes, consider Carpenter 158, made with alloy steel. The ones with additional coating reduce the risk of corrosion and friction. It enhances the lubricity, and your rifle will stay in good condition.

  • Forward Assist

You require a spring-loaded plunger attached on the right side. It is mandatory to have the bolt locked, rotated, and fully forwarded. But it is okay if a user does not want to attach it.

Assembling Tools


Now, you require tools to assemble the AR rifle’s upper parts. Such as:

  • Receiver Block: This tool is important to put the selected barrel in the rifle without harming it anyway. You can avoid scratches, dents, or unnecessary bending to your barrel.
  • Vice: Consider buying a robust vice to assemble highly-stubborn barrels without clamping it.
  • Set of Punch: The metal for getting the punch set should be brass, as it is good for other parts.
  • Hammer: You must have a hammer with a plastic or rubber end, which should be gentle on the rifle parts. The steel hammer can break the parts, and all your efforts will go to waste.
  • Torque-based Wrench: You require a half-inch torque wrench during the nut installation in the barrel.
  • Wheeler Wrench: The similar torque is required for attaching scopes to block gas.
  • Feeler-based Gauge: You require a feeler gauge to connect the barrel to the gas block.

Assembling Process


Now, you have purchased the parts and gathered tools to develop your dream rifle. You must follow some steps to get everything done correctly:

  • Keep all the stuff mentioned above together.
  • Begin with your vice block by attaching the upper rifle receiver over it.
  • You must install two pieces of FA so that it should face inwards and towards the upper receiver.
  • Now, it is time to attach your block to your receiver and then to the vice. It is mandatory to take care of the orientation for rolling your pin correctly.
  • After that, press the FA while installing the pin in a raised manner. You can operate the hammer to avoid the pin coming out in any way.
  • Install your ejection part with the help of the C ring-like pin.
  • The port should move the pin into the exposed area.
  • Now, find the spring and rotate it at an angle of 180 degrees.
  • Prepare the rod by pushing it against the wall and focusing on the barrel.
  • Use gun oil for barrel installation, as it slides well.
  • The handguard should be used to avoid alignment issues.
  • Now, prepare the block and keep it over the tube.
  • Tighten all the screws and give your best shot.

The Bottom Line

Assembling ARrifle parts by yourself is not as complicated as it seems. Researching and following the steps properly is mandatory to get the desired output. You can also get the help of an expert who can save you time and money through the easy installation of the upper and lower parts of the rifle correctly.