From Coachella to Glastonbury: Fashion Inspiration for Festival-Goers

When it comes to festival fashion, it is as much a part of the experience as the music and art itself. The significance of festival fashion stretches far beyond mere dressing up for an event; it is an expression of individuality, a conduit for creativity, and a declaration of belonging in a global community that comes together to celebrate life. Among the myriad of festivals around the world, Coachella and Glastonbury stand as the prime exemplars of fashion showcases. Attendees of these events not only anticipate an auditory feast but a visual spectacle, as festival-goers from all corners of the world congregate in outfits that are as diverse as the music genres represented. So, buckle up as we delve into the world of festival fashion, a realm where self-expression and creativity take center stage.

Embracing Boho Chic


Among the multitude of fashion styles that have found their home at music festivals, the Bohemian, or ‘Boho’ look, is arguably one of the most popular and enduring. Influenced by the free-spirited and unconventional ethos of the 1960s and 1970s, this fashion trend is characterized by flowing maxi dresses, fringed vests, and wide-brimmed hats, painting a picture of a laid-back yet stylish attendee. Achieving the boho chic look can be as simple as pairing a light, floral maxi dress with a fringed leather vest or a crochet top with a long, flowy skirt. Don’t forget to add a wide-brimmed hat for that extra touch of Bohemian glamour. Remember, boho fashion is about comfort and self-expression, so choose pieces that make you feel good and allow you to enjoy the event to its fullest.

Rock ‘n’ Roll Vibes

Drawing direct inspiration from the music pulsating through the festival grounds, rock ‘n’ roll style occupies a firm spot in its fashion. From leather jackets to band t-shirts, and ripped denim, this style carries a rebellious spirit and an edgy aesthetic that is irresistibly magnetic. The key to perfecting the rock ‘n’ roll look lies in its rawness and authenticity, the traits of festival fashion  that can be found at, if you care to look there. Choose an iconic band t-shirt, pair it with ripped jeans or a distressed leather skirt, throw on a leather jacket, and finish the look with combat boots. Statement jewelry like studded bracelets and layered necklaces can add that final touch of rockstar glamour. The beauty of the rock ‘n’ roll look is its unapologetic attitude, so wear it with confidence and own the entire grounds like your personal stage.

Floral Fantasy

Floral prints have been a staple of festival fashion for as long as they have existed. Their versatility lends them to a variety of styles and outfits, ranging from boho chic to vintage vibes. Floral dresses, rompers, and headbands have found a comfortable place in festival attire, with their bright colors and patterns perfectly echoing the vibrancy and energy of these events. Mixing and matching floral patterns can result in a unique, personalized look. Try pairing a bold floral print romper with a subtle floral print headband, or combine different floral patterns in contrasting colors for a truly standout outfit. Remember, these events are all about standing out and expressing yourself, so don’t shy away from going bold with your floral fantasies.

Playful Accessories


Accessories, as in everyday fashion, play a crucial role in festival fashion too. They not only complete your look but also allow you to add personal touches and make your outfit uniquely yours. Statement sunglasses, hats, and layered jewelry are essential accessories that can transform your look from ordinary to extraordinary. Try incorporating oversized sunglasses with interesting shapes and colors, or layer a mix of chunky and delicate necklaces for a boho-chic look. Don’t forget about fun hats, which can provide much-needed shade during daytime concerts while also making a fashion statement. Remember, the key to accessorizing for festivals is to have fun and let your personality shine through.

Edgy Street Style

Urban-inspired trends are making waves at music festivals, giving attendees a way to incorporate their everyday style into their festival look. Graphic tees, sneakers, and oversized jackets are key components of the edgy street style often seen at these events. Pair a statement-making graphic tee with high-waisted shorts, throw on an oversized denim jacket, and complete the look with your favorite sneakers for a comfortable yet stylish look. To add a dash of festival glam, consider incorporating statement accessories like chunky chain necklaces or bold sunglasses. This blend of streetwear and fashion embodies the spirit of the modern festival-goer, who values both comfort and style.

Sparkle and Shine

There’s nothing like a dash of glitter and a sparkle of sequins to make you stand out in a sea of festival-goers. In the realm of this fashion, there are no limits to the incorporation of glitter, sequins, and all things shiny. Sequined tops, metallic skirts, and shimmering makeup are common sightings at festivals, adding a touch of magic and glamour to the festival grounds. To incorporate this into your festival outfit, opt for a sequined top or a metallic skirt, and pair it with neutral-toned accessories to let the sparkle take center stage. For the more adventurous, shimmering makeup and body glitter can add an extra layer of shine, helping you light up even the darkest concert nights.

Vintage Vibes


In the ever-evolving world of festival fashion, vintage styles have managed to secure their spot year after year. Retro-inspired dresses, flared pants, and vintage accessories bring a touch of nostalgia to the contemporary festival scene. To create a vintage look, consider shopping at thrift stores or online vintage shops to find unique pieces from past decades. Pair a retro band tee with flared jeans or a vintage dress with a fringed leather jacket, and complete the look with vintage accessories like oversized sunglasses or a floppy hat. Embracing vintage vibes not only allows you to stand out but also pays homage to the rich history of music festivals.

Sustainable Fashion

As awareness around environmental issues grows, sustainable fashion is becoming a significant trend at music festivals. This includes eco-friendly choices like upcycled clothing, second-hand pieces, and ethically sourced accessories. Not only do these choices help protect the environment, but they also result in unique, one-of-a-kind festival outfits. To incorporate sustainability into your personal fashion, consider shopping at second-hand stores or choosing brands that prioritize ethical and sustainable practices. Upcycled clothing, where old clothes are transformed into new pieces, is another great way to create a unique and eco-friendly festival outfit.

Gender-Fluid Fashion

Festivals are spaces that celebrate diversity and inclusivity, and this is reflected in the rise of gender-fluid fashion. Breaking away from traditional fashion norms, gender-fluid fashion encourages individuals to wear what they feel comfortable in, irrespective of societal expectations. This includes wearing clothing and accessories typically associated with the opposite gender or choosing gender-neutral items. To experiment with gender-fluid fashion, consider mixing and matching pieces from both men’s and women’s sections or choosing items that defy gender norms like oversized t-shirts or unisex accessories. The aim is to create an outfit that allows you to express yourself freely and confidently.

Body Positivity and Self-Expression

In line with the inclusive spirit of music festivals, body positivity and self-expression have found a strong presence in festival fashion. This includes the use of bold colors, unique patterns, and body art to celebrate one’s individuality and body. Festivals are an opportunity to break away from conventional fashion rules and embrace your unique style. Opt for outfits that make you feel confident and comfortable, whether that’s a bright, patterned maxi dress or a simple, monochrome ensemble. Body art, such as henna or temporary tattoos, can also add a personal touch to your outfit, while also celebrating your body.