Do’s and Don’ts of Flirting with French Women: A Foreigner’s Guide

men flirting with woman

Traveling in foreign countries seems like a perfect chance to flirt with some attractive ladies, and even have a long-term contact with them. For example, French women are believed to be outgoing, but if you try and flirt with them randomly, you’ll probably only get a few judgemental looks.

So, you travel to France and want to meet new people? You need to follow some rules in that case. No matter if you meet these ladies randomly or you meet them through – you must be respectful. But what to avoid when talking to them? What should you talk about?

Let’s find out.

Do’s When Flirting With a French Woman

men flirt with woman in cafe

In this section, we’ll cover specific actions and behaviors that women approve of while flirting. Still, we have to note that you don’t necessarily need to flirt immediately. Just be polite, and let things happen with no pushing at all.

So, here are some of the things to consider appropriate:

  • Respect personal space: French women value their personal space, so approach them with a respectful distance. If you’re too much into their personal space, they’ll consider it rude and surely won’t continue talking to you, accept the drink from you, or share their Instagram pages to continue with communication.
  • Compliment with sincerity: It seems like most women love compliments, but not each compliment is considered honest and polite. Offer genuine compliments about their personality, style, or intellect rather than focusing solely on physical appearance.
  • Engage in intellectual conversation: Intellectual conversations are always on point. And women enjoy them for sure. Show interest in cultural topics, literature, or art. French women appreciate stimulating conversations. You can even showcase knowledge of French culture for extra points in her eyes.
  • Be confident but not arrogant: Arrogance is great if you plan on leaving a bad impression on a French woman. Confidence is attractive, but avoid coming across as cocky or overbearing. Just be yourself, maintaining the same level of confidence as usual.
  • Embrace chivalry: Small gestures like holding doors or offering to carry heavy items can leave a positive impression. And it seems like most women enjoy being treated like that. At the same time, you show appreciation to her acceptance to go out with you.
  • Demonstrate good manners: Politeness and courtesy go a long way. Say “please” and “thank you,” and be respectful in your interactions. Remember, this one applies to each lady, not only to French ones. And most importantly, be honest about it. Don’t act in fake good manners if you don’t know how to behave like that in the long run.

Don’t When Flirting With a French Woman

woman be not friendly

As you suppose, there are quite a few things you must avoid when interacting with women. In France, ladies are known to be sophisticated, with a lower tolerance for rudeness and boring conversation. Still, the following don’ts apply to each woman you want to flirt with.

So, make sure you avoid these behaviors:

  • Don’t rush physical contact: Trust us, no one likes that, even if it seems they give you some signs and signals. Instead, respect boundaries and avoid being overly touchy, especially during initial interactions. Once you get to know each other better, you may have more chances for physical contact with the woman you like.
  • Avoid cliché pickup lines: The standard and boring pickup lines are still around us, and many are using them as they’re fine to say them out loud. But know one thing – French women appreciate authenticity, so skip the cheesy lines and opt for genuine conversation. If you still want to come up with a pickup line, make sure it’s creative and personalized, to increase the chances to grab your lady’s attention.
  • Don’t dominate the conversation: The key to great communication is a pleasant conversation where both sides contribute equally. Allow for balanced dialogue and avoid monopolizing the discussion. We believe that there are specific areas of expertise you feel comfortable talking about. But if you insist on that, the lady will easily get bored, and you’ll run a monologue.
  • Don’t ask invasive questions: Respect their privacy and avoid asking overly personal or intrusive questions. Trust us; there is no reason to ask about their recent relationships, work challenges, and family relationships. If other things go well, there will be times to talk about that. But when you get to know each other, or you just flirt, there is no need to go against their privacy and ask inappropriate questions (yes, the ones you don’t want to be asked).
  • Don’t overdress or underdress: Clothes are a great way to express a piece of our personality. Aim for a stylish yet understated appearance. Avoid extremes that might make you stand out in a negative way. For example, avoid wearing tuxedos and vests if you’re in a disco because you don’t appear elegant but funny. Avoid wearing sportswear on formal occasions or exclusive dinners. Make sure you match the clothes with the event.
  • Avoid being overly aggressive: Being denied causes anger and frustration. Many people tend to get more pushy and aggressive when the lady doesn’t answer them, flirting the way they expect. Persistence can be misconstrued as pushiness, so avoid that. Respect her response, whether positive or negative, and proceed accordingly. If she says no to something, don’t try to change her opinion and change the topic.


We believe it’s not easy to flirt with a lady, and French ladies are known to be more strict when letting anyone talk to them. And that’s pretty normal. So, adapt your behavior accordingly, and ensure you don’t push too hard, you’re always polite, and respectful for sure. That’s the way to win a woman’s heart.

So remember: Never be aggressive if she doesn’t accept your flirting. Don’t be violent! Respect her boundaries, and don’t try to push them. Remember, it’s normal for someone not to like you the way you like them. In that case, just let it go and find another woman to flirt with, no matter if you’re in France or any other place in the world.