How You Can Be Eco-Conscious When Shopping For Intimate Toys

Let’s get serious for a second – the world is burning. Being environmentally conscious seems more important than ever. Thinking about climate change, pollution, and resource depletion, many of us are looking for ways to make eco-friendly choices in every possible aspect of our lives, including our sex lives.

When it comes to self-love and toys for self-love, even in this realm, there are several ways to ensure your choices are kind to the planet.

How Eco-Friendly Even Is The Sex Toy Industry?

You’d be surprised, but the sex toy industry is becoming increasingly more embracing of eco-friendly practices. Every day, more brands focus on sustainable materials, rechargeable batteries, and minimal packaging, offering products made from body-safe, non-toxic materials such as silicone and glass, which are super environmentally friendly.

8 Steps To Having An Eco-Conscious Sex Life

There are tons of things you can do to introduce green practices in your sex toy shopping and use, but here are some of the easiest ones you can start with.

1. Research Sustainable Materials


When you come to choosing sex toys with an eco-friendly state of mind, you obviously focus on the materials they’re made from. If we are looking for toys that are made with less carbon footprint but longer-lasting at the same time, you have to pay attention to these:

Body-Safe Silicone

Silicone is a popular material for intimate toys due to its body-safe properties. It is non-porous, hypoallergenic, and durable, and it is recyclable, which is a big plus, although we have to mention that the process can be complex. If it’s possible, opt for products made from medical-grade silicone because they are both safe and recyclable.


Glass toys are produced from borosilicate glass and are a great eco-friendly option. Again, they are non-porous, body-safe, and can be sterilized easily. Oh, and yes, of course, these toys are fully recyclable! Their extremely durable nature makes them often last for a lifetime if you care for them properly.

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel toys not only look fancy but are also environmentally friendly. They can be fully sterilized, which is a huge plus if we speak about time. They can serve you without any risk to your health. As you know, stainless steel is recyclable, which makes it a great choice if you want to care about the planet.


Wooden toys are rarely sold at the market because when they are sourced from sustainably managed forests, they can be a bit expensive. But if you look for toys made from certified sustainable wood, you can be sure you’re making a responsible choice.

2. Avoid Harmful Materials

While doing conscious shopping, try to avoid toys made from materials like jelly, rubber, and PVC. Not only are these materials yucky and overall bad for your body, but they often contain phthalates and other harmful chemicals. They are not as durable or recyclable as the options mentioned above.

3. Choose Rechargeable Vibrators


If you are up to a conscious way of living, you probably already know that battery disposal is a significant environmental concern. Single-use batteries can leak harmful chemicals into the environment if they are not disposed of properly.

To reduce the damage, opt for rechargeable toys. These ones typically have built-in batteries that can be recharged hundreds of times, reducing the need for disposable batteries and their negative environmental impact.

4. Eco-Friendly Packaging

Packaging plays a huge role in a product’s environmental footprint. During your next shopping, look for companies that use minimal, recyclable, or biodegradable packaging. Some brands are committed to reducing waste and may use materials like recycled cardboard, paper, or biodegradable plastics for their packaging.

Avoid products with excessive plastic packaging or non-recyclable materials as much as possible.

5. Support Green Companies

Supporting companies who label themselves as green and commit to sustainability can be a game changer – because, let’s be honest, your carbon footprint is dismal compared to one of the big companies. Look at brands that prioritize environmental responsibility in their production processes.

For example, find out if they use renewable energy sources, reduce water usage, practice mindful employment, use only body-safe materials, and minimize waste during manufacturing. Brands that are transparent about their sustainability efforts and have certifications from authorities usually have a better range of products anyway.

6. Care For Your Toys Properly


Proper care and maintenance of your intimate toys can significantly extend their lifespan, reducing the need for frequent replacements. Regularly clean your toys with mild soap and water, use a toy cleaner, or boil them in hot water if the material is high-temperature friendly.

Store your toys in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. To protect them without adding to plastic waste, use storage bags made from natural fabrics like cotton.

7. Consider Your Carbon Footprint

The carbon footprint of your intimate toys includes the emissions from production, transportation, and disposal. Here are a few tips to minimize yours:

Buy Locally

Purchasing from local manufacturers or retailers can reduce the carbon emissions associated with long-distance shipping.

Bulk Purchases

Buying multiple items in a single order reduces packaging waste and transportation emissions – and that’s what we want!

Shop Online

Kind of self-explanatory, but if you don’t have to drive to the store, you minimize your carbon footprint. That does, however, open a whole other can of worms with the delivery services’ carbon footprint, but let’s try to deal with problems one by one.

Sustainable Disposal

When it’s time to dispose of a toy, look for recycling programs or facilities that can handle the materials responsibly. Some companies like EdenFantasys even have recycling initiatives included in their services, offering you the option to send your old toys back for them to recycle – and you get a discount or a freebie to return.

8. Educate Yourself And Others


Knowledge is our power – so keep learning about the environmental impact of the products you buy, and do your best to share that knowledge with others. The more people are aware of eco-friendly options, the greater the demand for sustainable products could be.

Consider joining a community that practices eco-conscious living and eco-friendly sexuality. There are tons of TikTok channels, blogs, and community forums full of people who share our values and concerns and are excited to discuss your experience and recommend eco-friendly products and brands to others. The more people who join the movement, the more significant the impact will be on the environment.

Stand Up For The Planet, Make A Conscious Choice

Eco-conscious shopping habits, even when shopping for your sex toys, are a powerful way to contribute to a healthier planet, making you enjoy your pleasure products guilt-free.

Don’t stop seeking ways to improve your eco-conscious choices. Stay updated with the latest advancements in sustainable materials and technologies. Support brands that are focused on reducing their environmental impact.

Remember to educate yourself and others, explore green brands, and continuously seek ways to reduce your environmental footprint. This is how you can lead by example and inspire a more sustainable future for all. And remember – your choices can make a great change.