9 Interesting Reasons Why Every Farm Should Have a Top-Notch Hay Shed

Top-Notch Hay Shed for farm

Have you recently achieved your dream of moving to your own farm? Are you looking for a few ideas to simplify your new business of farm life in general? Then this post is for you.

Investing in a high-quality hay shed is a smart decision for any farm. Not only does it protect your valuable feed from the elements and reduce fire risks, but it also enhances farm efficiency and adds value to your property. Modern hay sheds are versatile, durable, and customizable to meet your specific needs, making them an essential asset for any agricultural operation. By choosing a well-designed hay shed, you ensure the longevity and success of your farming business, providing a safe and efficient environment for your equipment, feed, and livestock.

There are a few very good reasons why farmers and agricultural business owners are installing quality hay sheds on their properties. These structures are the modern cousins of the more traditional barns and sheds. Not only are they versatile, but they’re durable as well!

Reap the Benefits of Quality Hay Sheds

Reap the Benefits of Quality Hay Sheds
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It has to be said. Farm life isn’t for the fainthearted. In addition to being hard work, you’re also constantly fighting the elements. That means if you have animals, you will have to find an efficient way to keep their hay and other food dry and safe from rain and sun exposure. One of the best ways to do this is to install a hay shed. Here are a few more reasons why a hay shed is a good idea.

1. Creates Extra Storage and Organisation

A huge bonus of modern sheds is that they can be created in any shape and size. That means you can have a smaller shed used only for hay or you can opt for a larger model for extra storage. Larger sheds can easily be used to store the following:

  • Equipment and machinery
  • Organising smaller tools
  • Hay and other types of feed
  • Animals in an emergency

2. Keeps Equipment Safe

The Australian climate can be harsh. Not only on people and animals but also on machinery and equipment that stands in the sun and rain for hours on end. Keeping your equipment under a roof will go a long way toward reducing wear and tear.

While it’s true that you can build a garage for your machinery, keep in mind that most hay sheds have an open side. This means you can simply drive the equipment into the shed after a day’s work. Keeping your equipment in the shed will extend its overall lifespan, which can also reduce maintenance costs.

3. Built with Safety in Mind

Top-Notch Hay Shed Built Safety in Mind
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Modern hay sheds are built with Australian safety standards in mind. Investing in a professionally designed shed means that your structure will meet all the necessary legal requirements. This is especially important when your shed is part of a business and houses company equipment.

In addition to being built with top quality, galvanized RHS steel, modern sheds are not only strong but durable enough to last a lifetime. Hay sheds are also built with materials that boast a Category 2 wind rating. A shed built to the necessary safety codes will ensure that you and your staff are working in a safe working environment.

4. Boosts Your Property Value

A well-constructed hay shed can considerably enhance the value of the property. Installing an aesthetically pleasing shed that’s durable and versatile will be much more appealing to prospective buyers. From a business perspective, a business farm with a functional infrastructure will boost any potential profits.

5. Highly Customisable Features

Top-Notch Hay Shed for farm
Source: troyerpostbuildings.com

As we’ve already mentioned, you can design your shed in any shape and size that your farm needs. However, you can add a wide range of additional features to customise your hay shed even further.

A few of the more popular optional extras worth considering include the following:

  • Insulation (ideal if you’re going to add animals to the space)
  • Concrete flooring (forms a perfect foundation if you’re going to pack equipment or park machinery)
  • Windows and glass sliding doors (not ideal for a regular shed, but it also depends on what you’ll be using the shed for)
  • Fiberglass skylights
  • Roof ventilation (only ideal if you’re going to close all sides of the shed – the ventilation may serve to keep the hay dry)
  • COLOURBOND cladding allows you to paint your shed in a colour that suits the outdoor décor of your farm

6. Include a Skillion Roof

Sheds can also be constructed using a skillion roof. This means the roof will be made with a single sloping surface which can be attached to the side of another building. Not only do skillion roofs have fewer components and materials, but they also have many of their own benefits. These include the following:

  • Easy to construct
  • Excellent rain drainage since the roof is sloped – ideal for rain harvesting
  • Can accommodate solar panels
  • Design can include a span up to 12m making it ideal for larger sheds
  • Can be insulated if you’re going to close the hay shed
  • Highly resistant to wind damage, making them perfect for areas prone to high wind

7. Protects Hay from the Elements

Protects Hay from the Elements
Source: alpinebuildings.co.nz

One of the primary purposes of a hay shed is to protect hay from the elements. Exposure to rain, snow, and excessive sunlight can significantly degrade the quality of the hay, making it less nutritious and more prone to mold and rot. A well-constructed hay shed provides a dry and ventilated space, ensuring that your hay stays in optimal condition. This protection is crucial for maintaining the health of your livestock and avoiding unnecessary feed costs.

8. Reduces Fire Risk

Hay storage can pose a fire hazard if not managed properly. Spontaneous combustion is a real risk when hay is stored improperly and subjected to heat and moisture. Modern hay sheds are designed with fire safety in mind, incorporating materials and designs that minimize fire risks. Proper ventilation and spacing in the shed reduce the chances of heat buildup and spontaneous combustion. By investing in a top-notch hay shed, you safeguard your valuable feed supply and reduce the risk of devastating fires.

9. Improves Farm Efficiency

A well-organized hay shed can significantly improve the overall efficiency of your farm operations. With a dedicated space for hay and other supplies, you can streamline your workflow and reduce the time spent searching for and moving feed. This efficiency translates to better time management and productivity on the farm. Additionally, having an organized storage system helps in maintaining accurate inventory records, ensuring that you always know how much feed you have on hand and when it’s time to reorder.

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Final Thoughts

When you’re setting up your farm business, you’ll soon realise that a quality shed isn’t a nice-to-have, but rather a necessary investment. Not only will it enhance potential farming operations, but it will also keep your equipment, tools, hay and animals safe. Opting for a durable and versatile shed will simplify many of your farming processes!