Are You Overpaying For Postage? 13 Things To Know In 2024

Mailing documents and gifts is surely not for free, but it shouldn’t break your bank and cost more than the actual worth of the item. Sadly, we often face problems with postal companies that overcharge for their service. While it’s completely normal to value quality and effort, we can’t really expect that everyone is capable of paying large amounts of postal fees to have their parcel delivered.

Staying informed through platforms like is essential, as you can know what to expect from various companies. Still, we have a few practical tips and essential things to know about postage in 2024. So, here’s everything we want to share with you:

1. Know Your Shipping Options


Sometimes, shipping takes the largest part of the cost. Not all postage services are made equal. Some of them use the standard way to deliver mail, while others incorporate options like priority mail, express mail, or other expensive services. So, upon sending, ensure you choose the most affordable option according to your needs.

2. Use Postage Stamps

Yes, postage stamps are still a thing. The labels can add to the overall cost of the service, while stamps are literally for life. That way, you have a once-in-year expense to refill the ink and continue using it as needed.

3. Weight and Measure the Parcel

Postage costs include the weight and dimensions. That means even the slightest miscalculation can increase the fee more than you can ever imagine. Make sure you measure the package yourself so you can correct the postal service if they’re trying to charge more for it.

4. Embrace Free Shipping Options


Sometimes, postal services offer free shipping or lower prices for delivery. Embrace those options because you can save a lot of money out of it. The only exception should be the urgent parcels that must be delivered the same day. For other cases, use the days when the shipping is free or cheap.

5. Choose a Flat Rate When Possible

Some postal companies offer a flat rate for any kind of parcel. They have a fair politics when it comes to charging delivery fees. It’s perfect if you have to send items in bulk or if some specific parcel is heavier.

6. Weight more than Dimensions

Some postages calculate the shipping fee based on the weight of the parcel. Keep in mind that measuring dimensions like length, height, and width can come more costly compared to weight. Pack your items in a cubical box, so it won’t take a lot of space, and still be lightweight enough not to increase the delivery fee.

7. Use Local Postal Services


Local postal services cover specific locations and limited areas. But if you need to send a parcel somewhere close to you, it’s better to go for these local postages who offer more than fair pricing.

8. Local Pickups

If you buy from online retailers close to you and still pay for shipping, it’s time to rethink your decisions. Imagine how much money you’ll save if you simply visit the store and purchase the item you want instead of ordering it and having it delivered to your home.

9. Embrace the Holiday Hacks

When Holidays are around, many postage companies can offer special prices for their services, knowing that people send a lot of parcels, and some of them are indeed heavy. On the other hand, the shipping time may take longer, knowing that the postal services are indeed busy around the holidays.

10. Repurpose Packing Materials


Even though it doesn’t seem like a lot, reusing older boxes, bubble wraps, and envelopes can save you a lot of money. Buying a new box every time you need to send something is expensive, especially if you have to ship orders often. By repurposing materials, you also contribute to environmental awareness and sustainability, which is a huge bonus for your business or to you as an individual.

11. Send a Bundle When Possible

Instead of selling small parcels separately in a span of a few days, you can bundle the packages and send them all at once. It doesn’t only save time but also money, energy, and effort. This is especially important for small businesses that can’t really afford to spend a fortune on postal expenses. So, collect a few offers and send them at once. Nicely explain to the customers why you’re doing that, or ask them to pay for the shipping fees if they need the package urgently.

12. Consider Insurance for Valuable Items

Sometimes it’s important to use insurance for your valuable items. It saves a lot of money if the parcel is damaged during the delivery process. On the other hand, you can use declared value services for basic coverage, which is often less expensive compared to the full insurance. It’s up to you to choose based on the value of the item you need to send.

13. Find Alternatives to Packing Peanuts


Packing peanuts is interesting and biodegradable, and it offers cushioning to the items in your parcel. But what if we tell you that there are more affordable options that can do exactly the same? For example, crinkled paper is a great way to recycle old envelopes and boxes and still use them as additional cushioning in the box you need to send. While it’s not directly tied to the prices of the postage services, it’s indeed a unique way to save money on expensive postal fees.


As you can see, you can always save some money on the postal packages. It’s easy to become a postage-savvy mailer and still ensure all your packages arrive on time, to the right destination. Even though you may not use these services daily, it’s important to note that with wise planning you can still put more money in your pocket and have quality delivery all the time.

It doesn’t take much, but it’s a valuable way to learn how to manage your money for other purposes too. Your wallet will be thankful at the end of the day for sure.