How to Break a Bad Luck Streak With Logic Not Superstition

While there’s no guaranteed way to break a bad luck streak, some clear-thinking approaches can help you with it. Breaking the bad luck requires logical thinking, and realistically addressing the problems you’re facing. We’re sure you don’t really want to live through all those unpleasant situations, so let’s help you get through it.

From trying to fix that through playing with JDL77 to practical approaches, dealing with bad luck mostly depends on you. So, let’s break it together:

Focus on What You Can Control

While we can’t control random daily events, we’re able to control our attitude and behavior. Sometimes, it’s best to ask yourself why and how you encounter such things and try to find a logical answer instead of dwelling on bad luck.

For example, you may change some habits in your daily routine, take your coffee from a different shop, or use a different bus to get to work. Maybe you’re at the wrong place at the wrong time, so some changes in the routine, and the way you perceive the whole situation can improve your luck. See, no superstitious behavior at all!

Change Your Perspective

People tend to see things the way they want to see them. Remember, reframing the situation and looking at it from another point of view can make the situation better for you.

As a result, you’re more realistic when it comes to explaining the things happening to you, making you a better decision-maker too. The more realistic you are, the better your chances to break the bad luck streak for sure.


Identify Patterns and Causes

The best way to detect why some things happen is to analyze them and look for specific patterns. Try to spot common situations and events, as well as spots and areas you consider bad luck. Try to avoid them in the next few days.

Self-reflect the recent events and see if there were any decisions or habits that repeatedly led to negative outcomes. Try to remember if you suddenly changed your mind on something, which resulted in the most unpleasant outcome. Still, be realistic, and don’t try to blame bad luck for everything that happens to you.

Check on Your Behavior and Relationships With the Others

When asking yourself why some bad things are happening too often, maybe you need to assess and analyze the way you behave with the people around you. Being rude won’t take you too far, so don’t forget that when questioning your luck.

If you said bad words to someone or have been rude to them with no reason at all, then that may be the reason why things are going so bad. Try to be kind to everyone, as you don’t know what they’re going through. Do something good, like buying food for a homeless person or helping someone in need to break the bad luck streak and see how things will go from there.

Be Resilient and Adaptable

Consider all those bad luck moments as an opportunity to learn something new. Analyze how this decision affects the upcoming events. Use the chance to learn how to deal with some unlucky situations, not just to cry all day that things aren’t going as planned.

This approach helps you stay flexible and adaptable to new situations and unexpected challenges. You can easily plan the next steps and navigate through the situation, not relying on your luck.


Maintain a Positive Outlook

Many things can get better if you only change the way you see the things around you. Instead of focusing on what’s bad, you can try to see the positive aspects of some events. A positive attitude can do wonders, especially when knowing how to properly manage the approach.

Many things seem really bad just because that’s the way you perceive them. Instead of considering the worst out of every situation, try to see the good things. You’ll be surprised how a positive outlook on life can benefit your overall luck.

Take Action to Find the Good Luck

Remember, good luck won’t find you alone. You must be proactive and take initiative while focusing on being a better person than you already are. Don’t wait for the other to be better people, so you can be good with them. Be the one who sets the rules for kindness and appropriate behavior.

It’s the same at work. Don’t just wait to be recognized as a good worker, good boss, or great manager. Try to be kind every day, and make someone’s day, just because you can. You’ll see how quickly the good luck turns to you, avoiding the bad luck events.


Always Be The Better Person

This is probably the hardest skill to adapt, but comes with plenty of benefits. We face different situations every day, and not each one of them is the best scenario for us. But think about it this way: Even though it’s not the best for me, it’s for someone else. I’ll do my best to make the whole situation better for me.

Remember, everyone is equal and deserves the best. If you’re a good person, others will be good to you. Don’t get into fights and arguments to prove yourself right, don’t expect things that don’t belong to you, and always remember that the karmic balance will do its thing.

Don’t wish someone else’s bad luck, don’t wish someone disease or death, and don’t treat people the way you don’t want to be treated yourself. While it seems that there’s no justice for you, it doesn’t let you be the worst version of yourself.


Breaking your bad luck streak doesn’t depend on some prophecy, tarot cards, or horoscope. No matter if you play casino games, or you simply don’t have luck, breaking the streak requires being the bigger and better person in most situations.

Surely, dealing with bad days like lady or gentleman requires patience, but it’s worth the effort. At least you’ll feel better knowing that you didn’t hurt anyone. So, don’t rely on psychic readings, and be the one who creates your own luck.