What is the Best Car for a First Time New Driver?

The biggest wish of every young person, as well as other people, is to learn to drive. The driving test and training process can usually take around a year, but can sometimes take longer. The process includes the theory, the practical part, driving around the city, and at the end is the final test, i.e. driving test.

You’ve passed your test. Many of us work towards this big day for months or years tirelessly. However, with the pass under your belt, the hard work is not over. And, here, one of the first challenges is finding your first car. It’s not a small decision, either; in fact, it’s one that will shape your entire driving life.

Don’t Take a Risk When Buying Second-Hand

When searching for first-time new drivers, making sure you’ve considered the different models is crucial. However, chances are that you’ll be looking for a second-hand car. In this case, starting out with a vehicle check is crucial.

There are many vehicles on the market, but it is best to get a used vehicle. It is important to decide on a vehicle that is, first of all, correct, not too difficult to manage, but also a vehicle that has proper documentation and proper inspection processes, and you can also inspect it on this website.

Indeed, these checks allow you to make sure that your chosen vehicle is genuine, allowing you to see crucial information such as:

  • the car’s mileage records;
  • past MOT history;
  • Financing status;
  • Write-off status;
  • Etc.

So, don’t change it. Make sure you’ve run a check before handing over money for any second-hand vehicle.

5 Essentials to Look For From a First Car

Source: caranddriver.com

Car hunting is a big decision. Luckily, looking for the following five points can help.

1. Price

One of the most essential things for many people when buying a first car is price. This stands both for the car’s purchase price and the insurance costs. After all, new drivers are often much more expensive to insure than experienced ones.

As a result, picking out a car that’s affordable to buy, insure, and run is crucial. You don’t need a vehicle that breaks down, so you can also do a detailed inspection of the interior under the hood.

A small inspection can save additional money but also allow you to have a vehicle ready for use by a first-time driver.

2. Driving Ease

Alongside the cost of the car, another vital point to look for is driving ease. The fact is that not every model offers ease of driving. Some of the cars are made with manual gearboxes, do not have power steering, or are characterized by a completely more difficult steering process.

This means that not all vehicles are quite as easy to drive as others. That’s why it’s good to take a detailed look at the offer on the market, but also to look at all the suggestions and advantages that are highlighted on the internet, like these that we bring you today.

That’s the only way you’ll be able to give the first-time driver the easiest and most enjoyable experience, even if it’s you.

3. Comfort

Source: thehub.santanderbank.com

There’s a good chance that you’ll probably feel a little nervous on the road right now. It can happen because it’s your first time on the road or because you haven’t driven in the vehicle yourself before, but it’s all okay. It’s good to find a way to change it so you can enjoy the ride.

As a result of this, comfort is vital, so maybe choosing a new comfortable vehicle will be the best choice for you. Choosing a car that’s comfortable to drive and sit in can help take some of the pressure off for new drivers.

In turn, this is one less thing to worry about, allowing people to focus on driving safely and without pressure, as they find themselves in their vehicle on the road for the first time.

4. Reliability

A reliable car is a must for new drivers. After all, getting caught out in a broken-down situation is incredibly stressful for anyone, and it would be especially stressful for first-time drivers who wouldn’t know what to do.

In the case of a new driver, in particular, this can be exceptionally stressful. Thus, looking for a vehicle that has a good history and isn’t known for breaking down continuously is undoubtedly important.

Therefore, as we have already mentioned, choose the vehicle well with a focus on healthy and reliable parts, changed engine oil, functional brakes, a good level of fluids in the vehicle, and everything else that would contribute to greater reliability and correctness of the vehicle.

5. Trustworthy Seller

Don’t just look at the properties of the car itself. Make sure you buy from a genuine seller, too. After all, car scams are becoming increasingly common, and this is especially true with cheap ones.

So, if you’ve found an affordable car that ticks all the boxes – don’t forget to check the seller, too. How to check if the seller is OK?

If it is a natural person who resells a vehicle to you, you can only do this by checking the chassis and inspecting the vehicle, and if it is a company that resells vehicles in that case it is best to read the comments and suggestions on the internet.

10 Great Car Models for New Drivers

Source: driving.co.uk

If you’re searching for a second-hand car, the following ten models are often popular choices:

  • Citroen C1
  • Vauxhall Corse
  • Honda Jazz
  • Renault Clio
  • Skoda Fabia
  • Hyundai i10
  • Volkswagen Polo
  • Peugeot 208
  • Volkswagen Up!
  • Toyota Yarris

This is not a complicated process at all. It is for this reason that it is important to commit to it as a first-time driver and find the right vehicle. Follow the most important things that we have pointed out today and easily get to the car that will bring you the comfort, reliability, safety, and smooth driving that you desire.