How to Clean Moissanite Earrings: Tips for Sparkling Brilliance

Moissanite earrings, with their unmatched luminosity and durability, are steadily cementing their reputation in the world of jewelry. These beautiful gemstones, born from the stars (literally, as they were first discovered in meteor craters), are increasingly becoming the go-to choice for those who want both luxury and affordability. As with any precious adornment, maintaining their celestial sparkle is crucial. Not only does regular cleaning retain their appearance, but it also extends their lifespan. Dive into the comprehensive guide below to keep your moissanite jewels radiating their innate brilliance.

Why Clean Moissanite Earrings?


Every piece of jewelry, regardless of its composition, is vulnerable to the unavoidable oils, dirt, and debris that our skin and environment produce. The allure of moissanite is its extraordinary sparkle, given its high refractive index that even surpasses diamonds. However, this charm diminishes when layers of grime dull its surface. A cloudy moissanite doesn’t do justice to its naturally vivacious sparkle. Beyond aesthetics, cleaning is essential for the gemstone’s longevity. With proper maintenance, your moissanite can shine brilliantly for generations, serving as heirlooms that tell tales of their own.

General Cleaning Precautions

While moissanite is revered for its toughness, it’s not invincible. Before plunging into the specifics of cleaning, it’s worth noting that every cleaning process should be approached with gentle care. These gemstones might rival diamonds in hardness, but they deserve delicate handling to prevent inadvertent scratches or damages. Moreover, to maximize their lifespan, it’s advisable to remove your earrings before embarking on daily routines. Application of makeup, lotions, perfumes, or any other chemical-laden products can leave residue on the stones, dulling their sparkle over time. Adopting these precautions will ensure that the cleaning process is not only effective but also less frequent.

Materials Needed for Cleaning


To embark on the journey of cleaning your treasured moissanite earrings, it’s imperative to gather the right tools. Essentials include a mild detergent (preferably free from harsh chemicals), lukewarm water, a soft-bristled brush (like a toothbrush), and a lint-free cloth to avoid any unwanted micro-scratches. For those who seek convenience and a more professional touch, purchasing a jewelry cleaning kit tailored for gemstones might be worth considering if you already own high quality stones from Such kits often come with specialized solutions and tools that streamline the cleaning process while ensuring the utmost care for your earrings.

Cleaning Method 1: Soap and Water

The age-old concoction of mild soap and warm water remains a tried-and-true method for many jewel aficionados. To create this gentle cleaning solution, mix a few drops of mild detergent in a bowl of warm water, ensuring it’s well dissolved. Immerse your earrings in this solution, letting them soak for about 20-30 minutes. This soaking loosens any accumulated dirt and oils. Next, using your soft-bristled brush, gently scrub the earrings, paying particular attention to nooks and crannies where dirt might hide. The combination of soaking and gentle brushing ensures a comprehensive cleanse, reviving the earrings’ natural sparkle.

Cleaning Method 2: Commercial Jewelry Cleaner

Commercial jewelry cleaners, available at many jewelry and department stores, offer a potent solution for those stubborn residues. While highly effective, it’s essential to choose a cleaner specifically designed for moissanite or gemstones in general. Such cleaners are formulated to be gentle on the gem while rigorous on dirt. Once you’ve selected an appropriate cleaner, follow the instructions carefully. It’s also worth noting that while these solutions are powerful, they should be used judiciously, avoiding over-cleaning which can lead to wear over time.

Cleaning Method 3: Ammonia Solution


For an intensive shine and deep clean, consider the ammonia solution. Mix one part ammonia with six parts water to create this potent solution. Immerse your earrings for a short duration, no longer than a minute, then gently brush and rinse thoroughly with water. Ammonia is highly effective at cutting through grime, but it’s crucial to use it sparingly. Always ensure your space is well-ventilated when using ammonia, and avoid direct skin contact as it can be irritating.

Ultrasonic Cleaners and Moissanite

Ultrasonic cleaners, with their high-frequency sound waves, can offer a thorough cleanse, reaching areas often missed by brushes. Moissanite, with its robust structure, is generally safe in such machines. However, always consult your earrings’ care instructions or jeweler before opting for this method. If given the green light, use the recommended settings and cleaning solutions. Although efficient, ultrasonic cleaners should be used occasionally, complementing rather than replacing traditional cleaning methods.

Cleaning Diamond Simulants

While moissanite boasts properties akin to diamonds, they aren’t identical twins in the jewelry realm. Both are heralded for their durability and sparkle, but the cleaning nuances for each differ subtly. Diamonds, as the hardest natural substance, can endure more rigorous cleaning methods. Moissanite, while hard and durable, benefits from a tad more caution. Always remember, the goal is to clean without causing undue wear. When cleaning moissanite, especially if it’s set alongside other stones, ensure the cleaning method used doesn’t adversely affect its neighbors.

Drying and Polishing


Once your moissanite earrings have undergone their cleansing ritual, drying and polishing them the right way becomes the crowning touch. Air drying might seem like a tempting option, but water spots can mar the beauty of your freshly cleaned jewels. Instead, gently pat them dry with a lint-free cloth. This not only ensures a spot-free finish but also protects against micro-scratches.

Storage and Maintenance

After ensuring your moissanite earrings are sparkling clean, storing them properly is the next strategic move. A jewelry box with separate compartments or soft pouches can prevent potential scratches, especially from other pieces of jewelry. While moissanite is hard, it’s not immune to the occasional nick when jostling against other hard gems. Regularly inspecting your earrings for loose settings or any wear is also prudent. Even if home cleaning methods suffice for regular upkeep, considering a professional cleaning once a year can provide a depth of cleanse unmatched by home solutions.


In the expansive universe of jewelry, moissanite earrings occupy a special constellation, gleaming with a brilliance that’s truly captivating. To maintain this allure, regular and effective cleaning is non-negotiable. By following the aforementioned methods and tips, you not only uphold the aesthetic beauty of your earrings but also ensure their longevity.