Top Contactless Payment Solutions for Small Businesses: Features and Costs

In today’s world of modern habits and fast living, convenience reigns supreme. It’s completely understandable because everyone wants to get their needs done the way they need to, including businesses. Customers expect a seamless payment experience, and for small businesses, offering contactless options is no longer a perk, it’s a necessity with which they will improve the convenient experience for their customers.

With a plethora of solutions available, choosing the right one can be overwhelming. The choice is large and that should not scare you! All that is in front of you as an obligation is to choose the most practical. This guide dives into the top contactless payment solutions for your small business. Explore the range of solutions and choose the right one for your small business. Let’s see together what the options are!

Contactless payment is the hit of the new age


Contactless payment was introduced in the years before the pandemic and was not seen as something so beneficial until the pandemic. The pandemic undoubtedly accelerated the adoption of contactless payments even among small businesses.

The solution is simple – touching a card or waving a phone eliminates the need for physical contact, promoting hygiene, and speeding up transactions. This possibility for contactless payment shows no signs of slowing down, and thus the sustainability of sales at an optimal level is guaranteed.

4 big advantages for small businesses of contactless payment

In addition to those advantages that we previously presented, it is important to mention even greater benefits that are equally important for both buyers and small businesses. There are 4 in total, and they are as follows:

  1. Fast transactions – no need to stand next to the terminal and tap your foot impatiently, because contactless payment is registered as a transaction in a few seconds.
  2. Security is at a higher level – first of all, there is a contactless payment limit, after which each transaction can be confirmed by entering a pin, and on the other hand, protection is ensured through encrypted technology that provides security.
  3. Fast and improved customer experience – small businesses need to acquire customers and keep them coming back, and contactless payment can make this easy and simple.
  4. No need for cash handling – when your small business has this option, you will reduce cash handling and have insight into all incoming transactions.

Top contactless payment solutions for every small business


It’s time to reveal to you the solutions that are practical, fast, easy to handle, and can give you the right to enjoy the benefits we talked about above. Make a change and use one of the following solutions:

1. Specialized service for contactless payments

The first and best option that you can decide on is the specialized services for contactless payments. These services are fast, easy to use, and can add a new feature that customers will love, like the one offered by Tapeeno. Through this service and similar ones, you have the opportunity to create a free profile for safe and fast contactless payments – approvals last for a maximum of 48 hours, each transaction will be transferred to your bank account in 1 hour, and the whole service is without any obligations contracts. So choose security, convenience, and contactless payment for your customers.

2. Smartphone banking application for contactless payments

This option also offers security and quick transfer of funds to your account, but may commit you to use for a certain period. These options are already available from the banks, and all that is required is to have the specialized application on the mobile phone, but also to conclude a contract that will oblige you to use the service for a certain amount of time for a certain fee. Of course, the option is available to any small business if it decides to use it.

3. POS terminal


The available option is to request a POS terminal from one of the banks. This device is already known to all businesses, but not to small businesses. If your small business is liquid and you think this option would be good for you, you could choose it. Wondering what liquidity has to do with a POS terminal? This option is also supported by a contract, certain tariffs that are payable to the bank, and a deadline in which you have to use this option. So consider whether this safe and practical option is worthwhile for you. If you decide positively, we warmly recommend it, which would give easy and fast payment to the buyers.

The most important thing is to choose the most cost-effective and practical option

For any small business, it is important to choose the right one for the success of the work and the satisfaction of the customers or users of the services. The real search for the convenience of contactless payment by card or mobile. Small businesses need to look for and choose a contactless payment option that will offer:

* Cost-effectiveness – will not require additional costs for use or will require a small cost for use;

* Non-binding deadlines – deadlines can stifle small businesses and deprive them of the ability to be liquid;

* Non-contractual – contracts can only harm small businesses and deprive them of the opportunity to seek a new contactless payment option if they are dissatisfied with the existing one;

* Ability to quickly approve the contactless payment option – the faster you are approved, the faster you can brand your small business as offering this option and serving customers.

It’s the experience you’re offered that counts, remember! The cost-effectiveness lies in the convenience and benefits offered by the option. So choose wisely and add to it what it is missing – contactless payment.

Now is the time to make a decision that will be cost-effective, give you the opportunity for more business and more satisfied customers. Contactless payment is a service that can bring your offer closer and present it as a better experience to buyers. Choose cost-effective, practical, smart!