Therapy Dogs Unleashed: Discovering the Best Breeds for This Noble Role

There is no doubt that with proper training, each dog can become a therapy dog, thanks to their loyalty to humans, smartness, and love they have for people, but some breeds are easier to train than others, and we will present you with some of the best ones.

Teddy Bear Breeders


Everyone loves puppies because they are so small and fluffy that we simply fall in love with them at first sight. Of course, as therapy dogs, getting a bit older dog is recommended, as then we can truly enjoy spending time with them. Luckily, there are many breeds that, even when dogs get a bit older and grow more, are still tiny and look like puppies.

That is why Teddy Bear breeders are so popular as therapy dogs, as they provide a high level of comfort yet are extremely smart, and since a majority of them are so active, getting them as your therapy dog can be the best choice, which you can learn more about if you visit this site. Overall, you simply can’t make a mistake going with any dog breed, and the only thing to consider is what personality you seek in a therapy dog.

German Shepherd


The first thing we need to clarify is that the size of the dog or how scary it might seem at first glance doesn’t dictate how they will behave, or to be more precise, that doesn’t mean they are aggressive. With that stated, even though at first glance, German Shepherds might seem like tough guys perfect for the army and police forces, many people do not know that this breed has another extremely emotional side, which makes them perfect for emotional support. They are considered one of the most clever dog breeds, and thanks to that, they are easily trainable and can learn a lot of commands.

Besides that, they are sensitive to all changes in their environment, which helps them to act when necessary. With a German Shepherd in the house, the entire family will be safe, as they are extremely loyal and protective. Keep in mind that it is a big dog breed and requires a lot of running and being active to stay in shape, so it is perfect for active people or those with a big backyard.

Of course, all these manners also make them ideal as therapy dogs, as they are much more mature and understand people on a much higher level. Besides that, when you go with a German Shepherd as your to-go option, you will not have to do any training, as these dogs are already well-trained, and all that’s needed is for you to meet and learn more about each other.



Even though there is nothing to worry about if you go with a big dog, many people are more fond of smaller dogs. One of the reasons for that is the size, as every dog is simply adorable when they are just puppies, and somehow, the smaller they are, the more open we as pet owners become to the idea of living with them.

If this is something you seek, Maltese is probably the ideal dog, as, besides their size, they are extremely smart and have proven to be a great solution as therapy dogs. Namely, Maltese is the best choice if you are searching for a small dog that is usually not aware of its size and can sometimes act like it is much larger.

Another interesting fact that not all people know is that Maltese comes in a few sizes, and even when they are fully grown up, they still look like puppies with a lot of personality. Although they can be pretty energetic, you will not need to walk them for hours, thanks to their size, and they can be pretty loyal and calm when necessary.

Besides that, their fur is hypoallergenic, which makes them perfect for people with respiratory issues. Their fur is white and requires regular maintenance, but it can be a perfect way for the entire family to bond with their furry friend during bathtime.

Border Collie


If the goal is picking the smartest breed in the world, then this one is for you because, according to various research, Border Collies are considered the smartest dogs in the world. Besides that, they are also considered as one of the best representatives is Lassie, the dog that has made many childhoods brighter. Their fur requires proper care, and Border Collies need a lot of space to run, but thanks to their cleverness and loyalty, it is easy to train them and make great therapy dogs.

They are playful, loyal, and great company for the entire family, as each family member will simply adore the new friend. The fact that they are so intelligent means that you will never get tired of playing with them, and that, combined with how much they like to run and that you will have to set some time aside to nurture their hair, makes them one of the best choices for therapy dogs.

Yorkshire Terrier


Once again, the smaller the dog, the more popular option is, and Yorkshire Terrier, or simply Yorkie, is known as one of the smallest dog breeds, and they literally can fit into your pocket, but do not let their size fool you. Namely, they are very protective and caring, which is not something most people know, and it’s because their hearts are enormously big, and they are loyal to their owners and will do anything to protect them. With proper training, they can even give medicine or press the emergency button that can save their owner’s life, and thanks to their size, they can be carried almost everywhere.

This fact alone speaks volumes about how smart and sincere Yorkies are, and since they adore their humans, they will do anything to make them happy. Besides that, their ability to read emotions and detect slight changes in their owner’s behavior helps them to act quickly.