What is WoW Cataclysm, and How Can You Improve Your Gameplay

Cataclysm is a logical continuation of the relaunch of all the most popular and current updates for World of Warcraft, which accounted for its peak popularity.

The developers at Blizzard have updated the graphics and interfaces to make them more pleasant and relevant for a modern MMO RPG, but in general, all the main mechanics of the project have remained unchanged.

The overall level has now been increased from 80 to 85 and all players who did not have time or cannot have enough online time to quickly bring their character to the required level for the new update can use the services of a special service.

For example, gaming services offer players assistance in obtaining game gold in any amount – be it a minimum amount or a very large gold reserve, provides services for pumping a player to the required level, and provides the services of a coach who fully analyzes all the main aspects with the player and helps him get the necessary knowledge of gameplay, basic skills, principles of farming and PVP, the ability to correctly understand the game meta and adapt it to your character.

New Dungeons

Cataclysm begins a new stage of development for all characters up to level 85 and the first thing that will allow this to happen is a dungeon system that will allow you to get new equipment and weapons after a series of difficult attacks that will reward only those players who are the fastest to get used to the new game mechanics.

The first raids will appear at level 77 and will continue to grow until 85, the final level at the moment.

New Achievement System

Achievements are a separate type of gameplay that allows players to do ordinary and non-obvious game things that will bring additional passive characteristics, mounts, and unique rewards.

You will receive some of the rewards during the process of boosting in WoW Cataclysm by themselves because they contain complex raids and quests as the basis, and all other achievements need to be tracked in a special menu and specifically completed for the personal strengthening of the hero.

Some of the old achievements will turn into feats that will be very difficult or impossible to complete in Cataclysm, but most likely they will either be unlocked or reorganized in the future.

New Archeology System

Not only WoW Cataclysm leveling, but also the archeology system will help you get the required level 85 and unique rewards.

This is a gameplay that allows you to excavate in special historical zones important to the mainland of Azeroth to obtain new mounts, passive characteristics, rare items, and achievements related to archeology mechanics.

Source: warcrafttavern.com

Gold in Cataclysm

To progress faster and more actively in Warcraft immediately after the launch of a new update, you need to act quickly and earn gold for yourself for new equipment and weapons, or buy it.

There will always be combat groups that will immediately go to clear new raids and new types of equipment and weapons will begin to appear on the market, which at first will be very expensive, but the price will gradually decrease and if you want to get yourself the most current types of weapons, then you need to buy the game gold from professional services and immediately going to auction – this is not entirely profitable in terms of the price of raid items in the first days of the update, but it is beneficial in terms of accelerating your combat potential.

The transaction opens and closes very quickly – you need to indicate the amount you want to redeem and pay for the order on the Skycoach website.

To protect you from the attention of the game administration, camouflage and security methods will be used, when for Blizzard server employees everything will look like a classic exchange between players, and such transactions will never be punished by the game administration out of fear and risk of punishing the innocent and friends who help each other friend in the game.

This can be transferred from hand to hand, sent through paid postal delivery, or an auction system – it all depends on the convenience of the buyer and agreements with the manager.

Leveling up to Cataclysm

Several players who were not actively playing while the Lich King update was current suddenly came to their senses to pump up their characters to level 80 to begin actively boosting Cataclysm and reaching level 85, which is the final level for the current update.

You can start going to raids and grinding in locations with other players to level up faster, because these are the most effective ways to gain levels, as in many MMO RPGs.

For those players who need faster and more stable results, it is easier and more profitable to seek help from a professional player who will quickly and efficiently upgrade your hero, especially if you need to reach a large gap between levels, for example from 20 to 85.

The booster will log into your account and begin pumping the hero to the required level; this is necessary, among other things, to eliminate the client’s influence on the pumping speed, for which the service is also responsible.

You can go about your business and just wait until you receive a message from the website, that the service is completed, and you can log into your game account, check the result, and change your password because the service is responsible only for the duration of the order for the safety of personal data.

As a bonus, you will receive all the gold, resources, and various pieces of equipment that the booster managed to get during the boosting service in WoW Cataclysm.


If you want not just to receive a one-time service, but to learn how to play a character under the guidance of an experienced player, then the coaching service from the Skycoach service will help you.

You contact a professional player and begin the learning process – the hero’s skills and strengths, and his capabilities for leveling up and participating in PVP are understood.