7 Expert Reasons to Invest in a Commercial Upright Freezer for Your Food Business

Invest in a Commercial Upright Freezer

When it comes to setting up your new commercial kitchen there’s no denying that your start-up costs can mount up. This may leave you wondering which of your appliances can be downgraded for more cost-effective versions.

With this in mind, all kitchen experts agree on one aspect. Never downgrade on quality cooling equipment.

Whether you’re running a small corner coffee shop or a larger full-service kitchen, your business will need a reliable, durable and energy-efficient freezer. Appliances such as commercial upright freezers are the heart of any kitchen.

Quality Freezers Reduce Stress

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You may think that you can get away with using a cheaper, less expensive freezer for a few months till your business is established. The reality is that this won’t work for a bunch of reasons.

Not only will you use more energy and possibly run out of space, but the constant opening and closing of a residential freezer will reduce the unit efficiency. This in turn leads to you putting out sub-par meals. Who wants to do that? We’re guessing, not you! Our appliance team have compiled the most significant reasons why you need to invest in a quality upright freezer from day one.

1. Minimises Your Electrical Energy Bill

A kitchen with multiple commercial appliances usually has a high energy bill. Rather than waste your well-earned profits on keeping the energy on, opt for the right appliances. Commercial refrigeration should always be your first option.

Essentially, commercial upright freezers have been specially designed to be electrically efficient. This means that they can work at maximum output without increasing your energy bill.

2. Features to Enhance a Busy Kitchen

Features to Enhance a Busy Kitchen
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Quality residential freezers have a bunch of features that make them wonderful for your home. However, your kitchen will require a whole set of different features to keep your kitchen running at its best.

The top features worth considering when you choose the best commercial upright freezer for your kitchen include the following:

  • Large capacity: Designed to have a larger holding capacity which means you can store more food, drinks and produce without anything being shoved in or stacked on top of each other.
  • Foster shield: The foster shield function makes the freezer optimally cool to keep food fresh.
  • Upgraded condenser unit: Redesigned, modern condenser unit requires less maintenance which ultimately minimises downtime in a busy kitchen.
  • CFD technology: Advanced CFD technology tracks airflow to keep food fresh for longer.
  • Removable bottle racks: Some units have removable bottle racks that increase potential shelf capacity.
  • Reduced energy consumption: Hydrocarbon refrigerant creates significantly lower energy consumption. Not only is this good for your energy bill, but it also means your freezer is less likely to shut down during the busiest time of the day.
  • Half-door: The half-door models allow you to store less used items in the top section to maintain longevity and freshness. It’s also easier to keep your food, produce and drinks more organised.
  • Cyclopentane foam: This enables the freezer to maintain insulation longer. This means that your freezer will require maintenance less frequently.
  • Glass doors: Options with glass doors allow you to see into the freezer without opening the door. That means you can do a stock take without opening the door and exposing food and produce to bacteria.

3. Reduces Potential Bacteria Growth

Quality Freezers Reduces Potential Bacteria Growth
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Another common denominator in all commercial kitchens is the likelihood of bacteria growth in the freezers, on the counters and everywhere else you place food. Many food types start developing bacteria as soon as they reach room temperature and in a kitchen that constantly has ovens running, that can happen a lot quicker.

Commercial freezers can be set at much higher temperatures which in turn will kill any bacteria that may have started forming on the food while it was out on the counter. In addition to proper food handling practices, your commercial freezer is essential to keep your food safe.

4. Durable Design

There’s a major reason why your home freezer won’t work as efficiently in your commercial kitchen. That’s because a residential freezer hasn’t been designed to be opened several hundred times a day and still remain cold.

Additionally, commercial freezer hinges have been designed with robust materials to easily handle the pressures of all-day operation. Modern commercial freezers also look stylish and add to the aesthetics of a modern kitchen. Streamlined designs and a variety of size options mean that you’ll be able to find the best model for any kitchen layout.

5. Increases Storage Efficiency

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One of the most significant advantages of commercial upright freezers is their ability to maximize storage space efficiently. These freezers are designed with multiple shelves and compartments, allowing for better organization and easier access to stored items. This means you can quickly find ingredients without having to sift through piles of food, ultimately saving time and improving workflow in a busy kitchen. Efficient storage also helps in inventory management, reducing waste by ensuring that older stock is used first.

6. Enhances Food Safety and Compliance

Commercial kitchens must adhere to stringent food safety regulations, and maintaining proper storage temperatures is crucial to compliance. Commercial upright freezers are equipped with advanced temperature control systems that ensure a consistent and safe environment for food storage. This not only keeps food fresh and safe for consumption but also helps in avoiding costly fines and reputational damage associated with food safety violations. Investing in a reliable freezer ensures that your kitchen meets all health and safety standards.

Modern commercial upright freezers are designed with energy efficiency in mind, often incorporating environmentally friendly refrigerants and insulation materials. By using hydrocarbon refrigerants and cyclopentane foam insulation, these freezers reduce energy consumption and minimize their environmental impact.

This eco-friendly approach not only lowers your operational costs but also aligns your business with sustainable practices. Choosing energy-efficient appliances demonstrates your commitment to environmental responsibility, which can be a selling point for eco-conscious customers.

Final Thoughts

Commercial freezers have been designed to make your busy kitchen more efficient, hygienic and cost-effective. Additionally, they’re also designed to provide more space, making it easier for you to add considerably more food in the freezer.

By investing in a quality upright freezer you’ll be assured that your food and drinks are always fresh and cool. Rather than stressing about keeping your food cool, you and your team can focus on putting out the freshest and tastiest meals!