9 Best Suburbs To Invest on the Gold Coast in 2024

One of the cornerstones of successful property investment is location. Nestled within Australia’s sunshine state, Queensland, the Gold Coast offers promising suburbs that have carved a niche for themselves as standout locations for real estate investment. Let’s be honest, they are all great and beautiful, but some of them stand apart from the rest.

The region has consistently outperformed many of its counterparts in the property market, making it an enticing prospect for investors, homeowners, and renters alike. Let’s traverse the landscape of the top nine suburbs that promise to shine on the Gold Coast in 2024. A great selection of top-tier properties to invest in on the Gold Coast can be found at whybirds.com.au.


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The seaside suburb of Broadbeach is the picture of cosmopolitan living combined with the tranquillity of the beach. Recent statistics reveal a significant demand for properties in this area, with the suburb’s median property price experiencing consistent upward growth. The trend underscores Broadbeach’s position as a lucrative investment opportunity.

But there’s more than just financial viability here. A walk through Broadbeach will reveal its charm: picturesque views, lush parks, fine dining establishments, and an active nightlife, all contributing to its desirability. It’s a suburb where quality of life meets investment value, making it a worthy addition to any property portfolio.

Burleigh Heads

Striking the perfect balance between urban appeal and natural beauty, Burleigh Heads has recently come under the spotlight as an attractive investment hotspot. Property values have been on the rise, and industry projections estimate further growth, making it an appealing prospect for prospective investors.

Burleigh Heads is known for its unique blend of lifestyle and convenience. With its vibrant local markets, bustling cafes, and renowned Burleigh Beach, the suburb provides an enviable lifestyle that attracts a diverse range of tenants. This combination of growth and appeal underscores its standing as a solid investment opportunity.

Mermaid Beach

Famous for its pristine beaches and high-end properties, Mermaid Beach has firmly established itself as a blue-chip real estate zone. Recent years have witnessed a steady incline in property values, a trajectory that experts predict will continue. Consequently, savvy investors are increasingly taking notice of this golden suburb.

Mermaid Beach isn’t solely about financial prospects, though. It’s an embodiment of an appealing lifestyle, with its boutique shopping avenues, gourmet restaurants, and sun-kissed beaches. This suburb offers an irresistible blend of life’s finest luxuries and compelling investment returns, making it an area worth considering.

Surfers Paradise

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Surfers Paradise, the Gold Coast’s iconic heart, is no stranger to the property investment scene. It’s an area of consistent demand, both for its rental and sales markets. The suburb’s real estate landscape shows a promising upward trend in value, reflecting its status as a reliable investment hub.

The high-energy atmosphere, world-renowned beaches, and top-tier entertainment facilities contribute to Surfers Paradise’s charm. As a result, it attracts a variety of demographics, from young professionals to retirees, which boosts its rental demand. The combination of solid investment returns and lifestyle perks makes Surfers Paradise a favorite amongst property investors.


Once considered the Gold Coast’s central business district, Southport has transformed into a dynamic and diverse suburb. It boasts a sturdy property market, exhibiting steady growth over recent years, thus piquing the interest of real estate investors.

Southport’s appeal stems from its multifaceted offering. From its bustling retail precinct to the tranquil Broadwater Parklands, it delivers a balance of work and leisure. This balance not only enhances the quality of life for residents but also ensures a robust rental demand. For those seeking both growth and stability, Southport deserves a spot on the shortlist.


Modern, well-planned, and teeming with amenities, Robina stands out as one of the Gold Coast’s premier investment destinations. With a sustained rise in property values and a promising future growth outlook, Robina promises an enticing proposition for potential investors.

The lure of Robina extends beyond purely financial metrics. Its plethora of shopping centers, excellent transport links, and esteemed schools create a high-demand living environment. This mix of lifestyle benefits and solid investment performance puts Robina firmly on the investor’s radar.

Palm Beach

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Boasting a coastal charm, Palm Beach has blossomed into a favorite amongst property buyers and investors. Its robust market performance in recent years has showcased its worth as a profitable investment hub on the Gold Coast.

Beyond its financial appeal, Palm Beach delivers a lifestyle marked by sun, surf, and sand. Paired with an assortment of dining and retail options, it offers a quality of life that attracts a wide tenant base. This combination of lifestyle perks and consistent property appreciation reinforces Palm Beach as a viable investment suburb.


Coomera, the rapidly evolving suburb, promises impressive capital growth potential. As the suburb undergoes development and infrastructural expansion, it has seen a rise in property values, capturing the attention of seasoned investors.

However, Coomera is not just a future prospect. Its existing facilities, including an array of schools, shopping centers, and recreational amenities, enhance its livability. This factor, coupled with the suburb’s projected growth, contributes to Coomera’s growing reputation as a worthwhile investment locale.

Hope Island

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Hope Island, a prestigious enclave known for its luxury properties, presents an attractive investment scene. The suburb’s high-performing property market and anticipated future growth make it a compelling choice for real estate investment.

Yet, the allure of Hope Island goes beyond financial metrics. Its world-class golf courses, marina facilities, and upscale dining options set it apart. This, along with its potential for capital appreciation, makes Hope Island a suburb to watch in 2024.

Final Thoughts

In wrapping up our exploration of the Gold Coast property landscape, these nine suburbs stand out as distinct investment prospects. Each suburb showcases unique charms and robust property markets, reflecting their investment potential. They epitomize the Gold Coast’s beauty, diversity, and promise for the future, making them attractive locales for the discerning investor in 2024. Hence, for those poised to make their next property move, consider these suburbs as they continue to shine on the Gold Coast.